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Building a LinuxCNC 2.8 simulator on Linux Mint 19.3

This guide has been upated for Linux Mint 21.3. Check it out here.

A quick guide on how to set up a LinuxCNC simulator on Linux Mint. The LinuxCNC simulator is useful for testing/debugging drivers, gcode parsing and other non-realtime features without having to crawl around under your machine's actual control.



apt install \
    bwidget \
    intltool \
    kmod \
    libboost-python-dev \
    libglu-dev \
    libgtk2.0-dev \
    libmodbus-dev \
    libtk-img \
    libudev-dev \
    libusb-1.0-0-dev \
    libx11-dev \
    libxinerama-dev \
    libxmu-dev \
    mesa-common-dev \
    python \
    python-tk \
    tclx \
    tk-dev \

There might be an issue finding yapps where it's installed as yapps2. In this case, remove the yapps2 line from above, and run this as well:

apt install python-pip
pip install yapps


The following steps are a condensed version of the official build docs.

git clone https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc.git
cd linuxcnc/src
./configure \
  --with-realtime=uspace \
  --enable-non-distributable=yes \
  --disable-userspace-pci \
make -j12
cd ..