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Scraping without a scraper

In between watching the rain and emptying all the shmoo out of my air compressor (long overdue), I decided to try my hand at some impromptu scraping this weekend. Matters were complicated somewhat due to me not owning a scraping tool, but I worked with what I have to make what I think are some satisfctory results. This post will be a short log of what went down and will hopefully demonstrate that one can achieve reasonably good (i.e. flat) results without having a real scraper.

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Parsing Logentries output safely using Rust

I’m fascinated by Rust for it’s safety and speed, but also because it’s simple to write low level code in what feels like a high level language. To that end, I’ve been working on a small Rust project at TotallyMoney.com (where I work) for the last week or so to see if it’s viable for production use. It’s a simple service that polls a Logentries endpoint for JSON, parses it and saves some values in a Postgres database. It’s not a very complicated task, but I saw this as a good opportunity to try Rust in a production-ish role.

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Spindle speed control using LinuxCNC 2.7 with a Huanyang inverter

Huanyang branded VFD drives are ubiquitous on eBay and other sites like AliExpress. I bought one some time ago with a 1.5KW spindle and have been controlling the speed manually with the difficult to use control panel on the front. It is, however, possible to control the VFD from within LinuxCNC using the M3 and M5 commands (I haven’t been able to get M4, reverse rotation, working yet). What’s also neat is we can get the machine to wait for the spindle to come up to speed before moving to the next line of GCode.

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